Loading events

  • canplay: the first image of the diaporama is loaded.
  • canplaythrough: there is enough images loaded to probably not having the slideshow to pause during the play.
  • load: all the images are loaded, the diaporama is fully ready.
  • progress {timeBuffered, loaded, total}: triggered recurrently during load time.

Diaporama Lifecycle

  • destroy: Diaporama is about to destroy.
  • error e : an Error occured.
  • resize w h: a resize occured.
  • play: diaporama has started.
  • pause: diaporama has stopped.
  • ended: diaporama reach the end (only occurs if no loop).
  • transition transitionObject: a transition has started.
  • transitionEnd transitionObject: a transition has ended.
  • slide slideObject: a new slide has started.
  • slideEnd slideObject: a slide has ended.
  • seeked currentTime renderStatus: a manual set of currentTime has been rendered.
  • ratechange playbackRate: playbackRate has been changed.
  • render currentTime renderStatus: an event triggered everytime a render is performed (be careful with this event, do not do intensive work). renderStatus can be on of: Diaporama.RENDER_EMPTY, Diaporama.RENDER_WAITING, Diaporama.RENDER_PLAYING.
  • data data: data have changed.

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