API overview

See also Diaporama by Examples.

Create a Diaporama

var diaporama = Diaporama(container, data, props)
  • container (DOM Element) (required) : you must provide an (empty) DOM element container in which the Diaporama will be created.
  • data (Object) : data of the diaporama (e.g; extracted from a diaporama.json), The format is described in JSON Data Format.
  • props (Object) : initial properties of the Diaporama. (data can also be passed in this object – in that case you can give props as second parameter).


N.B.: Every properties initially defined in props can also be accessed or set on a diaporama instance and the diaporama will always keep things synchronized based on your changes. (Diaporama uses JavaScript's defineProperties)

  • loop (boolean)
  • autoplay (boolean)
  • data (object)
  • width (number in pixels)
  • height (number in pixels)
  • resolution (number)
  • currentTime (number in milliseconds)
  • slide (number)
  • playbackRate (number)
  • paused (boolean)
  • duration (number in milliseconds, read-only)
  • renderingMode (read-only)
  • networkTimeout (number in milliseconds)
  • currentRenderState (read-only)
  • timeBuffered (read-only)

For more details on each property, See Diaporama Properties section.


Diaporama has a few helper methods usually on top of Properties:

  • play() : set paused to false.
  • pause() : set paused to true.
  • next([duration]) : set currentTime to the time of the next slide. If duration is provided, there is a transition to go to the next slide time.
  • prev([duration]) : set currentTime to the time of the previous slide. If duration is provided, there is a transition to go to the previous slide time.
  • jump(slideIndex, [duration]) : set currentTime to jump to a specific slide by its index. If duration is provided, there is a transition to go to the requested slide time.
  • feed(observable, opts): give an observable (stream) to feed the diaporama timeline over time. The observed values can be a slide OR an array of slides. Note: an observable has a subscribe(onNext,onError,onCompleted) method that returns a disposable (with a dispose() function). You can use RxJS with feed().


Diaporama have events that let you watch and react on changes:

  • canplay, canplaythrough, load, progress
  • destroy
  • error
  • resize
  • play, pause
  • render
  • ended
  • transition, transitionEnd
  • slide, slideEnd

The diaporama object is an EventEmitter so it haves the same API: on, once, removeListener,... Refer to Event Emitter documentation.

For more details on Events, See Diaporama Events section.

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